Ambiancé: A 720 Hour Long Film


720 hours: that’s the entirety of 30 days, a whole month of time. Swedish artist Anders Weberg is currently producing Ambiancé, the longest film ever made. A recently released trailer only 72 minutes long hints of an ongoing montage of ambient sounds intertwined with surreal visuals. From this preview one can infer the eventual film will be devoid of any narrative, offering the cinematic equivalent of waking up from a dream/nightmare with gauzed details dissipating with each passing second.


Eventually the finished movie is planned to be screened as a once-in-a-lifetime experience, all at once at locations across the globe. Afterward, Ambiancé will be destroyed, never to be seen again…fading from memory like the stream of (unconsciousness) the movie embodies.

For now, the 72 hour trailer is one of my favorite things to have playing in the background while I work, creating a relaxing – sometimes too relaxing – environment where music, motion, and color can put me in a transcendental state (put on those headphones if you want the fully immersive effect).

* Update from Anders Weberg: The teaser is now not available anymore. It was decided before and part of the plan. To release it on the day six months after my son died and also to take it down on July 20…”

Another shortened live performance preview of the trailer is viewable below:

Risqué little people

Porous Walker is killing it with a Little People series of his own over on Instagram. Nudity makes (almost) everything more funny.




Missing these funny guys

Just thought these Shayna Cochefski illustrations of funny guys Chris Farley and Patrice O’Neal deserved a mention. They may be gone, but I still find myself searching them out for a laugh.



Our June 2014 Mixtape

And you may find yourself sitting at your desk at work

And you may find yourself walking in the street with headphones on

And you may find yourself behind the wheel of an automobile

And you may find yourself in a beautiful city, with a beautiful girl or handsome guy

And you may ask yourself

Well…How did I get here listening to this mixtape?

p.s. Not seeing a tape above? Mobile users head here.

A much better version of send to a friend

Lightweight prints are in and our friends Rachel and Andrew at Yield Design are spreading good vibes with their Headline News prints. Each month they are releasing free prints of the messages they believe are worth spreading. I’m digging this because it’s the perfect little item to send to a friend in the mail and reconnect offline.


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