Everyday Visual Joy from Wallcat

Born out of frustration with stagnant desktop backgrounds, our buddy Dustin Senos just released Wallcat, a simple + free desktop app for Mac that refreshes your screen each day. Dustin handpicks the images himself and offers three channels (Fresh Air, Structure, Gradients), but he’s been doing a fantastic job and I’ve found myself looking forward to the surprise each morning. It has also motivated me to keep my desktop uncluttered so I can fully enjoy each photo. Wallcat is taking suggestions for new future channels and looking for more photographers to work with, so if that’s you, give him a shout. Here’s to that side hustle.



Our November mixtape

We’ve dropped our monthly mixtapes from the Bay to New York, Mexico and Thailand, but today’s a special one because we’re posted up San Diego and letting this one fly like old times. This month, we’ve got tracks from GoldLink, Computer Magic, Juan Wauters and more. Kick back and toss those headphones on.

Not seeing the tape above? You must be mobile.

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We’re Back in Town This Week

Resisting the urge to reference Thin Lizzy or Slim Shady, let me just say that a bunch of the Holiday Matinee crew will be back in San Diego this week for Dave’s talk on Friday at Creative Mornings San Diego. This month’s international topic is WORK and who better to speak than the dude who consistently reminds us to “Love Your Work. Work Your Love.” We hope you can stop and catch up. We miss you lots.

What: Creative Mornings San Diego (Register here)
Where: San Diego Central Library
When: Friday, November 20, 8:30AM – 10AM (talk starts at 9)
Cost: FREE


Join the Do Nothing Club

I wouldn’t ever advise doing nothing with your life, but there are days where the only thing on your agenda should be eating a burrito in the sunshine. The Do Nothing Club cap is perfect for weekends, retirees and Kato Kaelin.



The Coloring Notebook is for colorful people

I’m quickly on the path to becoming a notebook hoarder, but damn it if this isn’t a good idea. The Coloring Notebook is a compact sidekick with 176 pages, 50 of them full of inspiring illustrations from graphic artists around the world. We already know that coloring books are highly therapeutic so this just makes serenity now more accessible than ever. Now available for pre-order and shipping in February, The Coloring Notebook will be a nice delivery at a time when you probably just wish winter was dunzo.



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