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New Coldplay single = free

Coldplay’s new record (Vida La Vida) drops this June but lucky for you, the band is giving away it’s new single for free.  The offer lasts just a week so march over to and get your download on.  And if you’re a resident of NYC or London, you can roll with two free performances.  The action is happening at Brixton Academy on June 16 and Madison Square Garden on June 23.

It’s business time

I’ll be a panelist for Emerging Trends in the Music Business discussion at the University of San Diego’s Department of Communication Studies.  April 30 at 7PM.  Good times with local promoters, djs, writers, label owners, musicians and more.  Thanks to Caley for hooking this up.

HBO reunites with Bob & David

Mr. Show‘s Bob Odenkirk and David Cross provided me with some serious laughs during my college years. After four seasons, the show came to an abrupt end along with a public falling out with HBO and Mr. Show’s creators.  Cross went on to Arrested Development and incredibly funny (albeit very underground) stand-up success.  Now, the two are reunited with HBO and seem to be a lot more sympathetic to the business decisions of their previous cancellation.  It’s funny how that works in Hollywood.  Hate, love, hate.  Well, the crew is back with a new comedy pilot called “David’s Situation” and the guys dish an exclusive interview here.  Is anyone else noticing that HBO is getting its ass kicked lately by Showtime?  I’m still sticking with the home box office but I gotta say, “Californication”, “Weeds” and “Brotherhood” are serving up some quality.

Mustache ahoy!

T-shirts and mustaches, what’s not to love?!  The fine folks at Mustache & Friends bring new meaning to SuperTrooper.  Check out the Batstachio.  

Tom’s droppin’ shoes

In the past, I’ve shunned away from buying Toms products because they always looked a bit too hippie.  However, there’s nothing like attaching a good cause to turn things around.  With every pair of Toms shoes you buy, the company will match it by giving a pair to a child in need.  End result?  A formula I can fully support.

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