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Mustache ahoy!

T-shirts and mustaches, what’s not to love?!  The fine folks at Mustache & Friends bring new meaning to SuperTrooper.  Check out the Batstachio.  

Tom’s droppin’ shoes

In the past, I’ve shunned away from buying Toms products because they always looked a bit too hippie.  However, there’s nothing like attaching a good cause to turn things around.  With every pair of Toms shoes you buy, the company will match it by giving a pair to a child in need.  End result?  A formula I can fully support.

Crow block with character

There’s something undeniably cool and simple about TwoSarah’s crafty designs.  Perhaps it’s their Portland via Australia collaboration.  Or maybe it’s the number 28 (my birthday) on the crow block.  Whatever it is, I dig it. Impress your art-dork friends and head over to screenprint heaven (aka Etsy). 

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