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Transparency is the new Post-It

Could you imagine the board meetings and powerpoint presentations that went into this?  C-level execs screaming for product upgrades.  Well team, let me introduce you to Post-It 2.0!

The Coz!

Get this….Bill Cosby is auctioning off his classic sweaters.  It’s all for charity but more importantly, for the sake of fashion.  Ah, just in time for Father’s Day!

A war on the coffee table

Filmmakers and musicians collaborating makes for a good recipe in my book.  Case in point: Austin via Costa Mesa duo Sounders.  Watching their latest video proves you can do more with creative imagination and a greenscreen than most bands with big budgets and even bigger heads.  Seeing how much fun these guys had makes me:
1.  jealous
2.  a fan without even hearing the record
Read the play-by-play and watch the video at Fecal Face.


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