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Sigur Ros – free download

Lots of new music on the way this summer from My Morning Jacket, Albert Hammond Jr, Styrofoam and one of the most unique bands of all, Iceland’s Sigur Ros.  To experience them live is something very special but in the meantime, enjoy yourself a free download of their new single and NSFW music video.

Holds nothing back

There’s a revolution going on in Ed Harcourt’s heart.  He penned “Something To Live For” back in 2005 and it still goes down as one of my all-time favorites.  Now, Harcourt is back with swirling pop melodies and a cheerful new single.  Download free courtesy of our friends at Filter.  

The companies that win will be the ones that listen.

While still never ordered anything off the site, Threadless has been a company I have a great deal of admiration.  Their core values are innovative as they are simplistic.  It’s a formula that works and one I believe we’ll be seeing a lot more in niche industries.  The upcoming issue of Inc Magazine has a fantastic and insightful feature on founders, investors and philosophies that make up Threadless.  Here’s a preview:

“Its success demonstrates what happens when you allow your company to become what your customers want it to be, when you make something as basic and quaint as “trust” a core competency. Threadless succeeds by asking more than any modern retail company has ever asked of its customers — to design the products, to serve as the sales force, to become the employees. Nickell has pioneered a new kind of innovation. It doesn’t require huge research budgets or creative brilliance — just a willingness to keep looking outward.”   Read more.

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