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Vintage advertising

Well Medicated has posted their 50 favorite print advertisements from the 1950s and 60s. There are some serious gems in here.  I think my favorites have to be Ronrico of Puerto Rico, Smirnoff with Woody Allen, housewives that “need” a kitchen phone with an extension cord and without a doubt the Ron Burgandy-esque Burton “Cool Suit”.  Classic!

Koolhaas living

Immerse yourself in the world of contemporary architect Rem Koolhaas. After winning Time Magazine’s Best Design for 1998, filmmakers put together this DVD  to showcase the unusual and unpredictable look at the spaces and structure of Rem’s House in Bordeaux. It’s totally whacked yet normal.  Does that make sense? Click the image to view trailer.

Looks great, less filling

I never thought of developing a visual relationship with my beer but the clever folks at Amore have proven me wrong. Product design and logo creation is truly an art. It’s cleaner, more immersive and I’m ready for another cold one.

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