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Looks great, less filling

I never thought of developing a visual relationship with my beer but the clever folks at Amore have proven me wrong. Product design and logo creation is truly an art. It’s cleaner, more immersive and I’m ready for another cold one.

Jack Cafferty rips Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin is a fraud and I’m shocked more mainstream press aren’t as candid as Jack-o.


Mad Men Illustrated

This is the perfect accessory to your Mad Men addiction. Each week, graphic designer Nobody’s Sweetheart illustrates a scene from Mad Men and makes them available as a wallpaper download, icon or to purchase. They’re totally retro and the perfect compliment for the perfect show.

Son Ambulance

Omaha’s Son Ambulance has perfected the art of indie pop. Their new record, “Someone Else’s Deja Vu” will not only keep the sun out longer but roll the windows down and turn the volume all the way up.  Its bands like this we need more of.

Son Ambulance – Horizons

Ra Ra San Diego

Syracuse six-piece Ra Ra Riot continued their tour with an impressive showing in support of “The Rhumb Line” last night at the Casbah. Even in a San Diego indian summer, the band’s harmonius combination of indie rock, chamber and concert band instrumentals made us feel briskly cool, huddled up in flannels under a harvest moon. Wesley Miles (lead vocalist) even voiced his fondness for local North Park restaurant The Linkery. It’s a show worth making a night out of to celebrate the changing of seasons.

Ra Ra Riot- Each Year

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