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Who needs an interior designer when there’s Etsy

I’m always looking to shake up my living room walls. Sometimes, all that’s needed is a big, bad wolf and thanks to Badass Custom Decals, this is all possible. They specialize in vinyl wall decals, stickers and sweet graphics (like Bruce Lee) for your home, toilet and more. Love it!

Badass Decal

If you don’t think this is funny then we shouldn’t be friends

OMG, this nearly put me in tears. Oh how I love The Onion!

Drum pencils for the rock star dreamer

You know the type, the one that picks up a pair of office pencils and does an impromptu drum solo, like they’re playing to a crowd of thousands- not a water cooler and the photocopier. Pander to their fantasy with these perfectly formed drumstick pencils! Pretty self explanatory, you can keep writing and drum away to your hearts content whenever the moment takes you. [SuckUK via¬†GadgetLab]


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