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Philanthropy By The Numbers

The numbers are in and everyone who made it out last Wednesday to our Cause For Drinks rocked it. Starlite was at full capacity and big hi-fives all around because the money raised went a long way. You provided 14,840 days (that’s over 40 years!) of safe, clean drinking water to a single child in need. Photo gallery is up so join and tag your beautiful faces on our Facebook fan page here. And a big super thank you for supporting Tap Project during World Water Week!


tin cup

yes men

Recreating the urban landscape one graffiti artist at a time

Pavement watercolor by Poppy van Oorde-Grainger. So awesome. [via Wooster Collective]

watercolor street art

PHTHRD in Brooklyn tonight!

Bring a camera to Williamsburg tonight and help LVHRD make history as you and hundreds of photographers shoot for the world’s most photographed party record. For the past two years PHTHRD was a live photography competition where rival shutterbugs faced off on a secret brief revealed simultaneously to the competitors and audience. But come tonight, it’s you vs the world. So mix it up at the open bar, take some choice shots and be a part of history.

party time

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