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13 photographers, 3 days and 1 moving truck

Photodebut is a non-profit which helps support, promote and connect ambitious photographers. Their latest offering, Stop Moving was an innovative event that took the groups photography to three destinations in London on the back of a 40-ton truck. Love the concept and the indented typesetting which compliments the overall mobility of the event.


New uses for vintage soda bottles

Loving these recycled vintage soda bottles. Each bottle is flame cut and polished so no need to worry about cutting your bottom lip. This set includes Black Cherry, Creme, Ginger Ale and Root Beer. Available on Etsy. [via Chopping Block]


Genius business model = I Wear Your Shirt

In this up and down economy, there are a select few who are either bigtime stoners or flat out geniuses. I have a feeling Jason, founder of encompasses a little of both. For the entire 2009 calendar year, he’s outsourcing his wardrobe (namely shirts) to corporate america and you. He’s wearing a different shirt for 365 days straight, takes multiple pictures throughout the day and blogs about it. Days are sold at “face value” so January 1 is $1 and December 31 is $365. So far, he’s sold out until mid-October. This makes me incredibly happy.

I Wear Your Shirt

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