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This is a pimp machine

This Jag looks like the kind of car you’d want to get in a lot of trouble with. [via Autoblog]


T is for terrific

TopatoCo is an online collective of internet cartoonists that banded together to create one kickass store (named after a magical potato who lives in space and is best friends with a pony – I’m not even joking). Between the shirts and art prints, their stuff is certain to be a conversation starter.



Making things good by making good things

Society6 is set in motion by a clear and relentless pursuit to empower the world’s artists. The site is still in beta but it’s damn near gorgeous and fun to play around in. I set up my profile in less than a minute and soon got lost (in a good way) discovering incredible new artists. Bonus points to Society6 because they’re not just trying to create another Facebook for artists but offer a Grants program which supports artists through monetary and opportunity grants. These opportunity grants are huge to emerging creatives and include ¬†printing services, promotion, artist in residence and gallery space. The¬†agenda is set and artists, photographers, creatives and supporters alike will soon be posting up shop on Society6.


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