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Polluted field of taxi cabs

Awe-inspiring photography from third world nations. Definitely worth a visit especially to see in large-format.



B-boy cardboard series

Ahh, the golden days of hip-hop! Artist Ward Jenkins pays tribute to the golden days with this incredible series of prints – using various lo-fi materials and surfaces, such as found cardboard, wood, and linoleum. Get your pop-rockin’ b-boy party started.


Everyday photography

I’m a sucker for everyday life photography and Matthew Scott hits the mark.
[via beautiful/decay]

matthew scott

matthew scott

On the road, but not quite Kerouac

We’ve been hitting the streets lately to promote creativity all across these United States. In fact, you might have seen some tagging if you were in San Francisco for Bay to Breakers last weekend. Los Angeles, Cambridge, Chicago – get ready for us this summer. We’ll let you know when and would be happy to get you a drink or caffeine fix in exchange for some good conversation.




The view from above

I’m always captivated when I look at the city in which I live in from high above. Flight just has this serene quality to it that simplifies the world beneath. That’s why Stephan Zirwes’s series of aerial photographs named “Zones and Fields” had such a calming effect on me. Stop what you’re doing right now and see if you agree. [via VeryShortList]



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