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Frisbee death. No joke. This is comedy at it’s finest.

This is what can happen in the deadly competitive world of Frisbee throwing, so be warned when a friendly face at the beach asks if you want to indulge in a little one on one, you may end up like this unfortunate dude, such a waste of life! LMAO thanks to Dylan, who just bought this movie on VHS.

Blogger Shop Day!

Not only will I be seeing David Beckham this weekend but super pumped to check out Blogger Shop Day. It’s at Space15Twenty in Hollywood, a concept store opened by Urban Outfitters and going to feature tons of hipster bloggers/vendors/crafts, bbq, music and more. Check it out here.


Think Indie

Hello ThinkIndie! It’s like iTunes but your money goes to support indie artists. Be it punk, reggae, hip-hop or greaser, this is where I’m now going to do all my digital downloading. And did I mention the track previews are double that of iTunes? Yup, I’m sold. Especially on this new Green Tea record. So sick!

Green Tea / ThinkIndie

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