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A few kind words make it all worthwhile

Plant-It 2020, the beneficiary of our artist series t-shirts, just wrote up their 2009 summary and highlighted our involvement. It’s a real honor to be recognized and they went as far to say that “Holiday Matinee is among the hippest, most honest and enthusiastic companies” and “When it comes to marrying cool and professional, we haven’t seen any company that remotely comes close.” Well…we’re blushing and are just glad to have helped out such a great cause. Let’s keep planting those trees!


Koreans sure know how to lounge

Korean designer Jung Myung Taek has created the Ducking Lounge Chair and it leaves me thinking one thing…dude must be smoking some mad weed. More images on Contemporist.


All zippered up

I can’t say I’ve ever seen a building zippered up before. Oh those wacky people of  Uruguay! [via Wooster Collective]


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