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We’re brand builders too

Many people know us as a trendspotting blog and communicator of creative inspiration. But here’s a lesser known fact – we provide consulting that supports real business needs and helps organizations and brands stand out to reach their awesome potential. Just call us creative problem solvers. 944 Magazine got the scoop on the lesser known side of Holiday Matinee – everything from our beliefs in non-traditional advertising to our recent campaign that re-branded the East Village neighborhood of San Diego. Read about that here and other recent projects on our work page. We’ve got ideas for you.


Hang on to your change

Great oil painting work by Cheyanne Ramos. Definitely worth a jump to her Flickr – some of these pieces are mind-blowing. This one’s called “Hang On To Your Change”. [via Okay Great]


Wallpaper word search

This could get a little dizzy but I still think it’s great. Word search on your wall. [via BLTD]


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