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Trace of Time Clock

Here’s an old-school solution to a new problem. This clock acts as a whiteboard, so you can write in deadlines and meetings and then as those times pass, the minute hand erases them. Scheduling just became easier and who’d have thought that it would be at the hands of analog machinery? (via Engadget)


Gift Guide: Maple ampersand print

The blogosphere is buzzin’ about this one and rightfully so. Maple block print of one of the most decorated symbols in the English language. This would be such a sweet gift for any design-geeks out there (i.e. me). I can totally see this on my bookshelf, next to my ’86 METS autographed baseball. Buy it here and mad props to Swiss Miss for always dishin’ on the good.


Holiday Matinee’s November Mixtape!

We’re hitting you with this month’s mixtape today to get you up and moving after Thanksgiving. The mix features Spoon, Strokes front man Julian Casablancas solo project and more.

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