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I swear to good this is nice of Better Living Through Design

I Swear to Good You Are God at This is featured in today’s “Read” section of Better Living Through Design! We’re all super big fans of BLTD so this just made our day. Thanks Katie!

I Swear to Good You Are God at This on Better Living Through Design

Best earring model, ever.

This woman has that look that screams cool. She’s actually modeling earrings hand-made in Portland, Oregon and I could only imagine how much fun the photoshoot must have been.


Oh to be rich and bored.

Don’t know what to get the person who has everything? How’s about “Oh to be rich and bored” by Mary Kate McDevitt? Yup, it’s perfect. Hand-painted on wooden plaque with beveled edge. Be sure to check out her mini-chalkborads too. Very clever and crafty. Available here.

rich and bored

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