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Google before you tweet really is the new think before you speak

This poster by Joe Newton for I Love Typography is the truth! If you post something on Twitter, you better be careful about what you say or else your followers will probably retweet your post and say, “look at what this idiot said.” Take, for example, what happened when a worker for the New York Times accidentally mocked Dexter‘s cancer-stricken Michael C. Hall on Twitter. You know better than that, New York Times!

Google Before You Tweet by Joe Newton for I Love Typography

The Pong Clock (nothing else needs to be said…)

I wouldn’t mind switching over to getting used to military time if I actually had this Pong Clock by Sander Mulder. Check it out in action here, if you wish please. I’d want to check the time all the time! (Thanks, DowntownRob, for telling me it’s being made!)

Pong Clock by Sander Mulder

Functionality that doesn’t suck.

The Hardgraft aesthetic is just ridiculously cool and I almost lost it when I saw there new 2UNFOLD bag. I mean, there’s laptop bags and then there’s hardgraft’s bag. Each handmade and individually numbered bag can be either a briefcase, messenger bag, shoulder bag, or backpack with a few minor changes. This is really great because it combines the quality we look for in specialized apparel with fantastic design and versatility.


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