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The soft hoodie is a staple for any creative

A simple, soft hoodie is a must-have for any creative type. This is the truth, people. And this thermal-lined cotton one from James Perse has me drooling the letters W-A-N-T. I’m sure the Gap or American Apparel has a knock-off version for two-hundred dollars cheaper but sometimes that’s the price you pay to look good. (via Werd)


Quality cool.

I really love seeing that old world care and skill in our modern world of convenience and outsourcing, which is why I like Brooklyn Tailors so much. Their custom shirts and suits could not be cooler and you can really feel the quality in the stuff they make. Besides, if you’re into the slick Mad Men-esque style like I am, their shit is a no-brainer. Check ’em out, it’s companies like this one that the apparel world needs right now.


Food and design: Two of my favorite things combined into one

This stop motion video from Lait Noir killed me the first time I saw it. It puts together my most favorite things (food and design) and it’s one of the best videos I’ve seen in the past month (next to that “I’m On A Horse” Old Spice commercial). Thanks to my friend, Rowena, for sharing this! (via BuzzFeed)

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