How To Be Creative # 01: Surround Yourself With Good Company

We’re all about promoting creativity – it’s what we live to do and that’s why we’re launching a new monthly series on what we know will help you make awesome. It’s in your reach, but like anything sometimes you just need a little nudge. Inertia’s a bitch like that.

Being creative is about sharing ideas. So much so that I’d say any of us are only as creative as the company we keep. By sharing ideas we’re clued in on the minds of others from different places and backgrounds, which I believe makes us that more likely to foster great ideas. It doesn’t have to be mind blowing like time travel or inventing the electric blanket mobile. Sometimes being creative is simply taking an idea one step further or applying a concept differently like T-post did with t-shirt magazine subscriptions.

Co-working is a great way to surround yourself with a diverse group of people. We do it here and learn so much from participating. It’s blown up on a worldwide scale, but you don’t really even have to be that organized. Who do you know in your life that has a really cool job or interesting side project? Strike up a conversation, take them to coffee or lunch and get them talking about their passion. You’ll be surprised how much hearing the excitement in their voice will motivate you.


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