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Help me decide which Cody Hudson design to buy!

I’m a huge fan of Chicago-based artist Cody Hudson and it’s been decided (in my brain at least) that these two items would look great in my closet. But if you had to choose, would you opt for the sweatshirt or the tee? More deets and other design goodies on the awesome Sixpack France.

80’s retro cassette tape gadget holder

Sure, it’s a great way to keep scratches off your iPhone but more importantly, it shows off your total eclipse of the heart for all things 80s. And believe me, I’m still kicking myself for not keeping my Valley Girl movie poster. That’s some Nicolas Cage chest hair at its finest. Pick up some retro for only $20 on Etsy.

Sports stadium ceiling upcycled into noteable notebook

My name is Monique, and I am addicted to notebooks. I keep several handy for a variety of tasks, and lately I’ve been drawn to ones that use unconventional paper or get creative with the lines. Throw in an awesome cover and some earth friendly materials, and I’m hooked! Just when I’m nearing my collector capacity, in struts NOTEABLES, quickly seducing me with its eco-friendly, upcycled cover, brown (or white) recycled pages, and hand-stitched binding. The cover was once part of the RCA Dome in Indianapolis, and upon demolition in 2008, People for Urban Progress arranged for the salvage of approximately 90% of the roof material, keeping the fiberglass out of local landfills. Since then, they’ve been hard at work, repurposing the dome for school roofs, park shade structures, messenger bags, and these notebooks. Grab yours here, and hold it up to your ear to hear people cheering loudly for urban progress.

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