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A universal dilemma on the surface of a pillow

Let this pillow designed by Dan Golden make two choices more clear to you or any house guests. It’s a great way to provoke some deep and not-so-deep thoughts. Maybe you need to decide whether you want a sandwich with the usual fixings or a completely new sandwich. Choices like that. Big or small.

Yo! Bring MTV Raps cards back.

I was thinking about my old baseball card collection today when I remembered Yo! MTV Raps cards (rapper trading cards from the late 80s and early 90s). Thanks to the power of the interwebs I was able to find a dope gallery with most if not all the collection and there’s definitely some priceless photos in there – Hammer, Vanilla Ice, Heavy D and Tribe, just to name a few. Someone absolutely needs to bring these back in poster form because I know I’d pick one up. Just make make sure to extend the era out a little so you can include my man Skee Lo.

Give art a place to live with the wilhelmine project.

Heidi Hackemer lives in a New York converted storefront, and just like us, creativity gets her fired up. With the wilhelmine project, she’s opened up her East Village window to people who want to show off something, whether that be a painted canvas, original artwork, or some Jem dolls partaking in the Last Supper. Inspired creatives are encouraged to “take the space and make something you love.” Umm, yes please! Contact her here for the opportunity to display your masterpieces for a couple weeks, and if you’re lucky enough to call NYC home, stop by 203 E 4th Street between Avenue A and B for your daily dose of awesome.

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