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Go on a date with this douchebag, I don’t mind

When I saw a screening of Drake Doremus’s Douchebag earlier this year at the Newport Beach Film Festival, I was a little disappointed the theater didn’t have a huge marquee out on the street with the film’s name in bold letters. That was about the only thing that bothered me though. Yes, I had some friends involved in the film, but I was really surprised how much I enjoyed it. It’s witty, entertaining and the characters are developed enough to expose the flaws and quirks that actual people have. Watching the trailer below will give you a sense of the storyline and I’d highly recommend getting all your douchebag friends together for a douchey night out. The films starts tomorrow in NYC and hits select cities over the course of the month.

Baseball’s Nerd Era

Somewhere along the line Major League Baseball managed to eradicate all their nerdy players because you don’t see guys like these anymore. Nerd Baseball lets us guys re-live our card collecting days with the most amazing dorks to ever play the game. This site had me laughing out loud in front of my computer screen. I really need to dig through one of my boxes of common cards soon.

Get a quick education from an 11-year-old on our food system

Birke Baehr is a wise little dude. I don’t think you could find too many 11 year-olds that feel this comfortable and actually have a stage presence in front of an audience – at least not ones that just make shitty pop music. Birke breaks down the food system and delivers what’s like the CliffsNotes for Food Inc. and King Corn. I’m with him – we can either pay the farmers or the hospitals. [via Karl Long]

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