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Because you wouldn’t be caught dead using earbuds

Aside from personal hygiene and protecting myself from hearing loss at shows, I really don’t like putting things in my ears. Sure, earbuds are convenient and easy to carry around, but they can’t match a great pair of headphones. That’s why I’m totally eying the new Marshall Major. Designed for comfort in everyday day use, these headphones look stunning and make a great gift for music lovers. Even the box is sexy as hell. Well, for a box.

Say no to naked furniture

Everyone loves IKEA, there’s no denying it. Half of my apartment was miserably lovingly put together with those special little IKEA nuts and bolts. But it’s true that shopping there has its downside: all your stuff ends up being pretty plain. Mykea is trying to change that. Their funky designs are especially suited to cover IKEA tables, nightstands, bookshelves, and more. You can also become a Mykea artist if you really want to get the creative juices flowing.

Accidental awesome in photography

One of the best things about creative pursuits is what happens by chance. You might not intend for something to turn out the way it does, but that in itself makes it great. Take these double exposure photos by Ruby Mercier. She bought a camera with some film in it at a Goodwill and had no idea that the film had been exposed before taking pictures of her friends. She just so happened to shoot on top of someone’s wedding photos. My favorite has to be the one with the bride and groom getting all Creepy McCreeperson and peeking in from the side.

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