Skateboarding in the 70s was so rad

There are certain eras so unique and special that when word of them spreads, visitors and transplants flock to be a part of the scene, even years after their heyday. Skateboarding in Southern California during the 70s is no exception, and we’re lucky Hugh Holland was around to capture the magic. Holland’s collection of photography in Locals Only chronicle the youth skateboard scene from 1975-1978 with everything from action shots to playful candids, all in the sun-faded glory you can expect from photos in this region.

Copyright: © 2010 Hugh Holland/Courtesy of

Besides the amazing shots captured everywhere from empty pools to Venice Beach, the book contains an in-depth interview with Holland. For me, it was interesting to learn how drought conditions gave birth to getting vertical and how everything changed over three years, going from groups of kids just skating and hanging out to the start of commercialization in the sport. Hell, it even made me a little sad. The large format and nostalgia this book evokes make it an awesome gift and a worthy addition to anyone’s coffee table book collection. Just be warned that you’ll probably find yourself shopping for Vans and tube socks after browsing through.