Everything that you could want from any book ever plus 3% more.

Dallas Clayton wrote a book for his son about dreaming big, and after he put it online, everyone else loved it too. Then, he started the Awesome World Foundation, a non-profit that donates a copy of the book to schools, hospitals, libraries, camps, and shelters around the world every time somebody buys one. Now, he’s created An Awesome Book of Thanks!, and it seriously puts the biggest cheeser on my face over and over again. It’s got magical healing abilities if you rub it on a wound, it hit 300 home runs last year in the Philippines, and it smells like hope. It’s safe to say Dallas is my new hero, and if he’s not yours after reading 40 pages of awesome right here or watching this inspiring video, we wouldn’t get along. Never underestimate the power of a simple thank you! [via You Are My Fave]

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