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Embrace OCD with Things Organized Neatly

Collecting stuff is fun, and I think looking at what other people obsessively accumulate is even more interesting. Well friends, if you can relate, prepare for jaw droppage. Things ­Organized Neatly was created by Austin Radcliffe, an Indianapolis design student who has successfully gathered the most amazing collection of orderly items. A couple of my favorites are below, but you should definitely head on over to the site for more piles of neat shit. I triple-dog-dare you not to get lost in organized amazingness.

Bill Cosby and UFOs

So you can imagine my reaction when I found out that Toddland sells Bill Cosby and UFO sweaters, right? I mean this isn’t just a Cosby-esque creation, it’s got Jell-O pudding pops all over it. And a sweater with UFOs beaming up camels amongst the pyramids? I’ve always been a big fan of their product descriptions, but this is just fucking rad.

A musical tribute to doing it wrong

The infomercial tidbits compiled in this montage are supposed to prove that people need certain products, but in reality, they just make the actors look like idiots. In infomercial world, people run the risk of missing the pan when they break an egg over it. In fact, there’s another infomercial product idea right there: a device that helps you avoid breaking the egg over the edge of the stove. Where’s my money for that idea?

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