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Better than regular stamps, but not as uplifting as golden stars

Proofreading someone’s work is only fun when you know you’re going to find a lot of errors or if you have a really neat pen to make your marks. These stamps by Heather K. Phillips aren’t as inspiring as sparkly star stickers, but they’re much more informative. Which one would you rather use? (via Sut Kutusu)

I can’t deny the magic of house show venues

Have you ever dreamed of hosting bands in your living room? Do you want to be the person providing an alternative venue for the biggest art + music fans in your city?

If so, How To Run a Successful House Show Venue might be a great pickup for you. The e-book was written by our good friend Roy Silverstein, based upon his experiences of hosting shows in a house he rented in San Diego. Roy covers tons of specifics in his guide on everything from sound systems to booking and promotions, but what’s really valuable is hearing it from a guy who’s done it successfully and can help you decide if it’s right for you. While a well-run house venue creates an amazing experience for its visitors (these shows have been some of my favorite memories in San Diego) there’s work and responsibility involved and it’s your ass on the line if something goes wrong. I know for me, reading this guide gave me a new appreciation for all that goes into hosting a show. House show venues are not about making money or becoming famous, but they are about a love for music and the community you can foster that feels the same way.

Driven by hope and humor

My best bud, Joshua Krause just relaunched his website. If art, illustration and humor are your thing, throw a look his way. I dare you.

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