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The Museum of Natural Mother Fucking Awesomeness

I’ve never been to this museum before, but something tells me I’d like it. Brains, butterflies, Brachiosaurus and apparently, lots more mother fucking awesomeness…I’m in! Oh yeah, and Jessica Hische, your other stuff is pretty cool too. [via Friends of Type]

Are you a list fiend just like me?

Then you’re going to love Listgeeks. In a nutshell, it’s a relatively new social network where people can create and share lists of things that matter to them. I told myself that I wouldn’t get involved with another social networking site, but when I read about this the other day, I signed up immediately. Since Tuesday, I’ve been making lists about everything from weird things that have made me cry to things I do when I wait for bread to toast. I can even make my own list based on a list someone else already created. What lists would you make? Maybe you need to make a list of lists you’d make and list reasons why you should join the site.

Holiday Matinee’s March Mixtape!

You guys seem to dig the comedic openings so we’ll keep them coming. But this month we’ve even add some Classic Nickelodeon flashbacks for ya, along with The Elected, Avett Brothers, The Lemonheads and more.

Take advice from a few rappers

Each week, Designer Jessica Wright offers a design featuring great advice from a rapper. In case you’re tired of getting motivation or inspiration from the same places, this new blog is just for you. Which advice will you choose to live by?


Grammar, don’t play games with my heart.

And here I thought grammar was all mine. Know someone who would get a kick out of this letterpress card? Don’t fret. You can buy it on Etsy.

Inspiring Spaces: Jocelyn Duke

There’s no doubt in my mind that an artist’s environment greatly impacts the work they create. Catching a glimpse of said space has always been intriguing to me, so I’m starting a new series about the spots that help our favorite creatives make awesome. It seemed appropriate to kick it off with none other than Jocelyn Duke, an incredible artist based out of San Diego. I grabbed a couple tall boys and headed over to her North Park studio to learn more about the “sanctuary,” forthcoming relocation and a few things she needs within reach to make magic.

Ten years ago, Duke drove across the country from Boston with her college roommate (sound familiar), and while originally planning to fly back post-road trip, she thought “Why the hell not?” and decided to stay. She had never lived in California, let alone visited the southern region. After working from home for a couple months and contemplating the benefits of a studio next to Ray Street, a hopeful candidate for San Diego’s next art district at the time, Jocelyn decided it was the best thing she could do for herself. She moved into the building, excited to meet local artists and escape the everyday homestead distractions.

The space is indeed breathtaking. Covered from floor-to-ceiling in canvas, no surface is off-limits as quirky drawings, inspiring images, and paint splotches add character to each and every square inch. Duke’s doodles have become a living journal, perfectly capturing years of thoughts. Curious about her must-haves? All that’s really necessary is pen and paper, paint (blue, red, and yellow), four brushes or “the closest thing to Jesus” for Jocelyn, and music, which helps distract the artist from over-thinking things.

Next month, Jocelyn will take on the City of Angels, exploring the different gallery scenes and meeting new creative friends along the way. The move is bittersweet, but she’s definitely optimistic about the path that’s lead to LA and the bright future ahead. While she’ll be dearly missed, her stunning work and inspiring spirit will be just up the coast, where success anxiously awaits her arrival.

Check out the more images of the studio here, and buy her work here or here.

Japan could really use a favor right now

I don’t know if this is actually true, but I feel like relief efforts in Haiti got way more attention than Japan is getting right now. Is it because Japan is further away and better equipped to deal with the catastrophe on their own? Well, I can’t ignore it and here’s how we can help.

(AP Photo/Asahi Shimbun)

The Japanese have a culture to be envied and unless you’re close-minded, you know we can learn a lot from them. Whether it’s their simplicity in design, zen-like patience or sensible diet, I’ve always come away with a feeling that what they’re doing makes so much sense. Hell, even in the crisis the nation faces it’s beautiful to see there has been little to no looting and store owners are slashing prices to help their communities. I’m so impressed I thought I’d at least take the time to list a few ways everyone can help kick-start Japan’s recovery. I’m confident the country can and will get through this, and for the record, all those doomsday believers can suck it. Here’s some mainstream and more interesting ways to contribute:

1) Red Cross – text REDCROSS to 90999 to make a $10 donation or contribute here.

2) Japan Society – make a donation to aid victims of the earthquake here. The organization is also holding a Concert For Japan in NYC where 100% of admission sales will benefit the same relief fund. Thanks TBD for the tip!

3) Design Taxi – this organization is donating 100% of profits through March from new account sign-ups and portfolio extensions to help Japanese creatives get back on their feet. You can also donate by purchasing this poster.

3) Hide & Seek Clothing – the indie clothing shop is selling this awesome Japan shirt. When you pre-order the shirt, all profit helps aid relief efforts. Thanks @jakeandamir.

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