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Holiday Matinee’s May Mixtape!

We can’t believe it, but this month marks 2 years of monthly mixtapes. We’ve got a lot of new jams on this month’s mix, but you’ll still find a classic as well. Friendly Fires, Washed Out, FM Belfast and Fleet Foxes are just a few of the artists we’re pumped on right now.

Need my resume? Nope. Not when you got my FACTS!

I mean, who wouldn’t hire him? He fights crime on weekends, and he’s the son of a librarian and a Capricorn. [via BuzzFeed]

Funding dreams. This is why I love Kickstarter.

Kickstarter, I want to marry you. You’ve leveled the playing field, challenged us to be more creative in our marketing, and roughly 43% of the time, you’re funding our dreams. Yes, this makes me incredibly happy and the world is better off for it. Here’s to more ambitious endeavors taking flight.
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