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Living in SF means…

If you live in San Francisco (or any city, for that matter), you know that with good comes bad, with beautiful comes ugly, and with rich comes poor. Heck, if you’re a twenty or thirtysomething who’s worked at a restaurant or befriended a homeless person on a drunk walk home, you know what I mean. I’ve been living in this city long enough to know that it’s passionate — passionate, but schizophrenic. In an awesome post for The Bold Italic, San Fran resident Broke Ass Stuart reflects on all this and more. Plus, there are some great graphics to go along with it.

It all makes sense.

Healthy reminders and the art of simplicity. Anthony Burrill is living proof of the age old saying less is more. New pieces up in his online shop today and you know these would look great in your apartment. Buy ’em here. (Shameless plug: A.B. is one of 25 creative artists, products and ideas featured in our book. But you probably knew that already.)

I’m so glad this band isn’t buried

About a year ago I went sleuthing for info on Blake Sennett. Rilo Kiley or The Elected hadn’t put out an album since 2007 and I wanted to know if I could ever expect more. Various emails to record labels got me nowhere and an IMDB search only revealed he was working on screenwriting projects and taking an indefinite break from music. So when a couple months ago I heard rumors of a new Elected album, I was thrilled. Bury Me In My Rings was released today and totally hits the spot for me. Sennett goes for variety with shades of R&B influence and even a breezier, tropical feel (yep, there’s ukulele which is pretty sweet). Sure, you can read into his lyrics for veiled references to Jenny Lewis, and while some have called for him to give that a rest, I kind of never minded because it speaks to how there are people in all of our lives that we just can’t forget. Look At Me Now is a track I’ve had on repeat and is convincing me to make the drive to Los Angeles tonight to catch the release show. I’m excited for that, but if you can’t make that a summer tour has just been announced.

The Elected – Look At Me Now

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