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A handmade Richie Tenenbaum that would make Chas and Eli jealous.

This is the part where I say, “working at Etsy certainly has its privileges.” I just stumbled upon this gem and oh man do I want! It’s no secret, I love Richie Tenenbaum about as much as Max Fischer, Bob Mapplethorpe and Mr. Littlejeans.

Explosions in the Sky release first-ever music video for new single.

It might be their first-ever music video but wow was it worth the wait. “Last Known Surroundings” is a total jam and the video is a piece of artistic mastery. Directed by Austin creative shop Ptarmak, I urge you to stop everything you’re doing, put your headphones on and bliss out to the best 8 minutes of your day.

Reminder: You can make it happen

Reminder: You can make it happen. Seriously, get out there. And if you need help, let us know, we got your back.

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