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Have you heard of rooftopping photography? It’s only the most amazing thing.

Words that come to mind when viewing this new craze in photography: unbelievable, gorgeous, epic, daring, brave, holy shit, dangerous, beautiful, limitless, totally crazy, colorful, pure, fantastic, impressed, awesome, ridiculous… What am I missing? Snap away with more breathtaking pics on My Modern Met. Just don’t kill yourself.

World’s first-ever senior citizen LipDub!

If this is what’s in store for retirement, sign me up. Big props to the Clark Retirement Community in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Totally put a smile on my face.

Need a new iPhone case? These designers are here to help.

Let’s face it, most iPhone cases suck. Sure, it’s nice to have protection against the occasional whoops but I either can’t stand the way they feel or how poorly designed they all look. Thankfully, others agree and Indie Cases was born. It’s business model is sort of like Threadless but for iPhone cases. Each week a new design is crowd-sourced on their tumblr and the winning design gets manufactured. Yeah, there’s the cliche mustache but I’m hopeful we’ll see some fresh new designs in the future. Here’s a few of my current faves.

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