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Bold new look for Diet Coke

Dear Diet Coke, you cut to my core. Yes, you are light and refreshing, but you’re also a risk taker. I admire your bravery to experiment with new recipes or slogans, and your preference for chemicals over calories doesn’t bother me either. But most importantly, your aluminum is always looking fresh! I heard your new can was designed by Turner Duckworth, and it is downright sexy. Can’t wait to see you in the stores this fall! xo [via Adweek]

Sometimes, this is the easiest way to end a fight.

If you’re a passive person and don’t like a good scrap, well, this might be your perfect pillow As the saying goes, “pick your battles,” right? Available here along with other great colors and sayings.

Chocolate doesn’t get much better than this.

Having had the pleasure of visiting Mast Brothers in Williamsburg, I can say first hand how amazing their entire brand is. And yes, I say brand because each piece of chocolate is complimented by such slick package design and presentation, it’s impossible not to notice the dedication these guys have for their craft. Each bar offers its own story of flavors, and no two are exactly alike. As if you needed another reason to fall in love with chocolate.

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