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Holiday Matinee’s September Mixtape!

With autumn officially days away, it’s time to throw Summer 2011 a going away party, so make sure you’re enjoying those rooftops, patios and stoops to the fullest.  This month’s got some tracks to help you make the transition including music from Girls, Feist, Youth Lagoon, Cuckoo Chaos and more!

What up PARK(ing) Day? You’re on Friday!

Tired of your weekly routine? Great, because this Friday is PARK(ing) Day and we encourage all of you to take a break. You know, that is if you’re down with more urban green space and promoting community. It’s truly an international affair and last year, 850 parks were set up in 183 cities across the globe to demonstrate the need for more urban green space. This will be our 3rd year of creating our own park in San Diego (details here) and we’ll be joined by our friends at Sezio, Community, The Foundry, the San Diego Architectural Foundation and Synthetic Lawn Supply. Last year, we were called hippies and deadbeats by some miserable people (on the interwebs of course) so this year is sure to have its share of drama, although I must say we’re getting to be pros at handling the fuzz. I kid, they were actually quite awesome about us doing this last year! Get on out there, even if it’s just during lunch and if you’re not in SD, check the map to find locations in your city.

Do-Tell: Samantha Duenas, DJ Sosupersam

I hadn’t heard of Samantha until I YouTube searched a Childish Gambino freestyle performance at Fatbeats in LA I totally should have been at. And while I was curious as to who Donald Glover’s cute DJ friend laying down the dope beats was, it took me until I saw her play two sets in San Diego during Comic-Con before I knew I had to interview this lady with serious tastemaker style. Countless plays of her Cruel Summer mix track later, I got a hold of Sam to ask her how she met Donald (it was on Twitter talking about their obsession of an Amerie remix) and learned her full-time gig is leading the PR department at branding agency 722 Figueroa. Samantha admitted she rarely relaxes and is always working, but fashion and music are her passions so she does whatever it takes. Want to get to know her a little better? Yeah you do. You can start with two things she’s totally excited about right now.

Photo by TigerTiger Photography

1. Last month I had the honor of DJing in Singapore, and I opened for Dâm-Funk, a funk artist I really admire. I also got to go record hunting with him, and he picked out a record for me! That memory is still so unreal to me, every time I think about it. One of the coolest things that happened this year.

2. I’m generally not so savvy in the kitchen, but I made a really delicious salad the other day that I’m very proud of. Check this out: Kale, arugula, feta cheese, smashed up pita chips, lemon & olive oil, maldon salt, and freshly ground pepper. You just don’t know exciting until you know this salad!

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