It’s an iPhone app. It’s amazing. And it’s just for you.

There’s nothing better than that feeling of discovering something so amazing you can’t wait to tell everyone you know. Today, we want you to experience that feeling forty times over. We’ve launched our first official iPhone app and couldn’t be more excited. It’s called “The Amazing Game of REcollection” and turns the art of discovery into a fun game that rewards you for playing. The gameplay is reminiscent to Memory, but in our case, matching up and exploring over forty creative products fully endorsed by Holiday Matinee. Complete each board and you’ll earn a sweet promo code that will save you wads of cash at one of these five super awesome creative shops – Toddland, Photojojo, WeJetSet, Feelgoodz, and Holstee. Yes, that’s right, discovering creativity now has its rewards. Get in on the action here.


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