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NYU student project lets you donate money remaining on your NYC subway card to charity.

Every year, millions of dollars worth of value on MTA MetroCards are lost or discarded. However, a student project at NYU called MetroChange takes this value and puts it to good use. The concept is simple: swipe your MetroCard at a MetroChange kiosk and the value on the card is transferred to a central fund. This fund is then donated to a charity once per month while the physical card is taken for recycling. As a daily subway rider and proponent of social good, I am totally in favor of this. Well done, guys!


An album of stories from people like you.

Over a year ago, we introduced you to the magic that is One Hello World. Since then, the man behind the voicemail machine has been working diligently to produce an album called “The Listener,” a compilation of voicemails from strangers around the world brought together by the uniting force of music. To realize this dream, One Hello World needs our help. If you’re interested in contributing to a social media experiment turned musical memoir, head to Kickstarter and help fund the album (part of your donation goes toward getting live artists to record over voicemails – how cool would that be?). Oh, and if you’re stuck in the holiday doldrums, call (316) 247-0421 and spill your thoughts. It might be just the kind of catharsis you need before starting a new year.

Like we need your support.

Haha, this is genius. Found on Pinterest.

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