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If this video doesn’t make you smile then we shouldn’t be friends.

Seriously, I mean it, if this video doesn’t make you smile then we shouldn’t be friends. In a strange way, watching this video makes me feel alive and grounded and incredibly excited about the contributions I make on this planet. It’s also a good reminder that such a simple project can produce an enormously profound effect. Here’s to those who continue to believe and contribute to the little things in life. Thank you, you just made my day.

Work hard + be kind = amazing things happen

It’s hard not to love this quote by Conan O’Brien. In all honesty, I haven’t tuned in to his show much but the sentiment still rings true. Every day I wake up and try and give it my all while staying positive and upbeat. Sure, there are some tough days where you need a pick-me-up but most days I just want to hi-five a total stranger. Others, I want to work until the sun comes up. Amazing things do happen in this world of ours and this is certainly a great formula to follow.

Holiday Matinee’s January Mixtape!

Hi 2012! We know some people think you’re all we’ve got left, but let’s trust NASA on this one. And if we do have to put up with the hype around all year, let’s just make this the best year ever. We at Holiday Matinee think one way to kick that off is with a badass mixtape so here’s the first of many in 2012. We’ll call it… I Could Be A Mona Lisa.

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