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When old people do cool shit.

The radio flyer is a classic, and old people, well, they’re classic too. Most retirees I know move to Boca, play shuffle board and eat dinner at 3. That might be true of Fred Keller and Judy Foster but they also spent 11 months converting their ’76 Mazda pickup truck into this road-legal Radio Flyer car. Now that’s what I call taking advantage of retirement. Check out photos of the conversion here.

Talk nerdy to me.

When it comes to badges, candy and boys, I like ‘em nerdy. Naturally, I’m smitten with this series of illustrations by Nicole Martinez, which combines two of my favorite things: wordplay and geekisms. More Nerdy Dirty and portfolio goodness here. [via Design You Trust]

Urban plant tags. This is just genius.

There are people in this world who think stuff like this is awesome and I’m one of them. These type of projects deliver smiles and that’s something we can never have enough of. As Carmichael says, “creativity for creativity’s sake”. Love this.

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