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Weak men pay this boxing coach to tell them they are terrible.

There’s absolutely no filter with Eric Kelly. He’s doing what he loves and ripping anyone that gets in his way. The man is ruthless, crude and borderline offensive. But like Eric says so eloquently, “Everything is not for everybody.” And with that, I haven’t laughed this hard in a long time. [thx Marshall for the tip]

Tomorrow is national bike to work day. Let’s do this!

I’m not much of a bike hipster. I couldn’t tell you a single cool bike blog or what helmet will look best with your fixie. But what I do know is I’m totally down to bike to work tomorrow. The bike paths in Brooklyn are pretty sweet and while I’m a bit nervous at crossing the Manhattan Bridge and weaving my way through downtown Manhattan, I’m excited to do my part in celebrating a much cooler holiday than Valentine’s Day. Who knows, maybe this will up my Klout score in a new topic.

A tree that wants to smell like a car

There is plenty more where this clever illustration came from. Thank you, Jaco Haasbroek, for making my day!

People really knew how to shake it in the 60s

Watch this music video from Denver’s We Like Monsters and tell me if it makes you as happy as it made me (and by that I mean multiple plays are necessary). It’s a catchy tune set to a Indian horror film in the 60s called Gumnaam. Everyone’s shakin’ it like there is no tomorrow and I like that attitude. If you dig the track, it’s called Le Tigre and available for free here.

I want every book on this online bookshelf

I’ve been reading Brain Pickings regularly for only about two weeks and I’m already a huge fan. When I discovered that the blog curator’s recommended books are displayed on a neat online bookshelf, I got very excited and slightly frustrated because there are just too many books I want to read. If you’re a creative bibliophile like me and you’re looking for some good reading, I highly recommend that you browse these book pickings and purchase some for me.

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