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This was inevitable: The Avengers as cats

Every pop culture phenomenon is instantly improved when cats are involved, don’t you agree? If this became available as a print, I’d totally buy it.

Holiday Matinee’s May Mixtape!

This month marks three full years of Holiday Matinee mixtapes! We’ve always had fun putting them together and we owe a big hi-five and thanks to everyone who finds the time to listen and share – we know there’s heaps out there to choose from. This month we have new tracks from Yeasayer, Rocky Votolato and Childish Gambino, but why not open with some funnies from two very funny dudes?

Weak men pay this boxing coach to tell them they are terrible.

There’s absolutely no filter with Eric Kelly. He’s doing what he loves and ripping anyone that gets in his way. The man is ruthless, crude and borderline offensive. But like Eric says so eloquently, “Everything is not for everybody.” And with that, I haven’t laughed this hard in a long time. [thx Marshall for the tip]

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