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Get addicted to imagination with Jason Silva.

He’s described as “part Timothy Leary, part Ray Kurzweli and part Neo from The Matrix” – do you need any more of an incentive to watch his videos? Meet Jason Silva, a digital DJ and philosopher who creates micro-documentaries that explore the co-evolution of human and technology. At under 5 minutes a pop, his videos are well worth the watch, pushing us to imagine delightful future possibilities through a combination of science + art. If there’s anything close to mind blowing right now on Vimeo, I’d say its this. The more we visualize, the more we can expand our mind. You can watch the videos on his website. Below is one of my favorites, “Imagination.”

Open a window to a new world with Condition One.

Imagine if you could jump inside a video and┬áreally feel what it’s like to be there. You know, something like opening up a window to another world. Well, you don’t have to imagine for too long. Danfung Dennis has a new solution to this futuristic concept – and it could change the way we look at the world. His start-up, titled Condition One, marries still images with virtual reality to induce a highly interactive, “real life” video experience. Dennis believes we can use his app to create immersive narratives in a number of live settings – from journalism to concerts to sporting events to adventure filmmaking. The possibilities are endless, you’ll finally be able to have the world at your fingertips. The only question that remains is what story you would tell if you could take someone by the hand and show them life from all angles…

Holiday Matinee’s June Mixtape!

If you thought we’d retire this series after 3 years, you thought wrong. We love making these mixes and made sure that our newest contributor would be just as down as the rest of us. This month, catch tracks from Atlas Genius, Emma Louise, Dent May, New Mexico and more. Plus some sage gym observations from a very funny (and very pale) man that’s not Conan O’Brien.

p.s. Not seeing the tape ’cause you’re on your mobile device? You can listen to what’s available through Spotify here.

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