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Here’s how to prank Starbucks into picking you as song of the week.

File this under: brilliant prank. You gotta love the indie musician who isn’t afraid to turn to gorilla marketing tactics to get noticed. Watch the video below and you’ll agree, there’s nothing not to love about Gavin Slate’s performance.

The art of handmade shoe-making is alive and well in Chicago.

Little has changed over the past 100 years for Oak Street Bootmakers. The family-run shop of cobblers has mastered the craft of beautifully designed, handmade shoes and these new kicks have got me itching for a trip to their shop in Chicago. There’s nothing better than knowing the maker of the things you purchase. Get to know the guys of Oak Street here.

From the HM Vault: On tour with Death Cab For Cutie and The Jealous Sound.

In the winter of 2001, we decided to book a 30-day, full US tour with three amazing bands. All three bands were clients of ours so we booked the venues, rented the vans, stocked up on mixtapes and hit the road. All the shows were incredible and I had the time of my life, even if it took six years to pay off the credit card debt. Big hi-fives to John McGinnis and David Mendel for capturing and editing this footage well before YouTube and Vimeo ever existed. Enjoy the flashback – it kicks in after about 15 seconds.

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