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Some neat musical experiments.

Get this – musical video experiments. If you haven’t heard of them yet, CDZA is the current run-away, viral success of YouTube. They’re a little collective of artists – comprised of a video guy, a music guy and an audio guy – that together make these music videos chronicling pop culture. First, there was “An Abridged History of Western Music in 16 Genres” then came the popular “History of Lyrics That Aren’t Really Lyrics” and then the clever “Zuckerberg! The Musical” Gotta love when a bunch of really talented people come together to create something fresh. Check out their latest below or head over to their YouTube channel to give all their songs a listen.

Mr. Bean at the Olympics!

I was lucky enough to have my parents introduce me to Mr. Bean since PBS used to have this British comedy block growing up. It was one of the few shows that transcended generational differences in humor and I can remember us laughing to the point of tears on at least one occasion. So if you missed it yesterday, Mr. Bean made an appearance at London’s opening ceremony in a Chariots of Fire bit. It’s classic Rowan Atkinson – hilarious facial expressions and funny without a word. Here’s one more clip of Mr. Bean showing us some fantastic nightclub etiquette since NBC has squashed everyone’s Olympic videos on YouTube and won’t even let me embed theirs here.

The best direct mail campaign I’ve ever seen.

There’s still something totally awesome about opening your mailbox and seeing you have mail. However, more than likely it’s a piece of shit waste of direct mail. Thankfully, to combat this disappointment, an agency has found a way to reinvent one of the most traditional marketing techniques around. And we couldn’t be happier. [thanks to SZ for the find]

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