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A tree that grows books.

Plastic protected containers cut into the side of an old tree trunk placed onto the street – all with the aim of sharing books. Sounds wild, right? This is a clever new way to promote reading brought to you by BookCrossing, a book swapping club dedicated to building up the “World’s Library”. Residents in Berlin – where this is being tested – are welcome to leave books or take one, the point is just to swap books in the public space. If this were a real tree that grows books, now that would be my dream come true. Hat tip to inhabitat for the find and lovely photos.

Tree That Grows Books

Holiday Matinee’s August Mixtape!

We’re going to make one last stand for an endless summer with this month’s mix. Although we weren’t able to resist having at least one Beach Boys song on here, we’re hoping tracks by The Radio Dept., Poolside, Kilo Kish and Frank Ocean will also remind you of everything that’s amazing about this time of year.

p.s. – Not seeing the tape ’cause you’re on your mobile device? Spotify premium users can listen to most, but not all tracks here. They get jealous when they see you wit yo’ mobile phone!

Ideas for those Instagram pics: Instapparel + Plywerk

Ever since I started spending a decent amount of time posting Instagram pics, I’ve been checking out the many print services that have sprung up. Sharing online is great, but if it’s a tangible item I had a part in creating it’s even better. Here are two services I’m digging right now and after a quick email, both companies were rad enough to hook us up with some special codes for you guys.

Instapparel – For $20 (shipping included), this Orange County-based shop lets you design a tee with photos from your Instagram account. Add one to sixteen images to the shirt and customize things like shirt color, image size and opacity (the images, not your shirt girl). Here’s one I made of photos of my trip to Alaska and the quality was totally great. I’m hoping they eventually add a black shirt to their inventory so I can design a shirt with some crisp b&w shots.

Enter code “HOLIDAYMATINEE” for 25% off.

Instapparel shirts

Instapparel shirt design

Plywerk – I haven’t actually ordered from them yet, but was drawn in by the idea of my Instagram photos mounted on eco-conscious bamboo and wooden panels from this Portland-based company. It looks like high quality stuff and I really like the idea of breaking a larger image up and ordering split panels.

Enter code “HM20” for 20% off.


Plywerk Panels

Still looking for more ideas for those Instagram pics? Check out these posts on Stickygram magnets and PostalPix prints.

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