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Poster Pairings: Grand Taxonomy of Rap Names

This edition of poster pairings blends science and hip-hop because we love old-school rhymes and science is incredibly sexy right now. If you haven’t seen the Grand Taxonomy of Rap Names in person, you’re in for a treat as it had me perusing the chart for my favorites and checking out a few artists I’ve never even heard of. As for it’s pairing, there’s a lot we could have gone with but decided to kick it old school with Grandmaster Flash giving us some sage advice (you can find the song below the poster).

Poster Pairings: Grand Taxonomy of Rap Names

Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five – White Lines

Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five – White Lines

This Is Why I Travel

When are we first told travel broadens the mind? Elementary school? By our parents or after-school television? Everyone gets the gist of what it means, but I doubt everyone seizes the opportunity. I don’t think I always have and I’m still learning how.

But one recent trip where I got things right was my first visit to Portland. I told my friend there that I had no interest in being touristy (to me, that’s to be saved for later visits). I wanted to experience how locals lived. So on my first morning we woke up, sauntered over to Red E for some caffeine and took the MAX over to Portland Farmer’s Market. As it turned out, my friend had promised another pal that we would work her juice stand. It’s probably not something most people would be keen on doing during vacation, but I was cool with it. As I schmoozed with Portlanders who came up for samples, I quickly saw how passionate they were about supporting local by the types of questions they asked. Conversations quickly turned towards what outdoorsy adventures people had planned for the weekend. I was already getting a sense of what it was like to live here within a couple hours.

This Is Why I Travel - Dog Mountain

The energy I felt inspired me to be active and seek adventure.

My friend was an amazing guide throughout the weekend. We went hiking, biked to brunches, bars and zine shops where I legitimately felt the outdoorsy, environmentally-conscious, DIY camaraderie that had me set on becoming more like these friendly folks. But on my last night there (my friend had to get up early for work the next day) I snuck out on a solo bar-hopping adventure to talk to more locals. I had a fun couple hours chatting with both transplants and natives, and could not help but feel so very welcomed in their city.

What I’m getting at here is that you need to go beyond Yelp or friend’s recommendations to get the most out of traveling anywhere. Those are great resources, but (to me) broadening the mind means being open to how other people live life. You don’t have to adopt that lifestyle, but you should aim to respect and understand its merits. Hopefully, you’ll even be motivated enough to take the elements of their lifestyle that you appreciate and weave it into your own world. Even if it’s a place that you really can’t fathom having a connection with (the deep South comes to mind for me), just know there’s always something beneficial you can take home from the experience… if you take the time to listen and observe.

So talk to that random dude on the barstool next to you. Have a conversation with that pretty lady on a park bench. Otherwise, what’s the point of traveling at all? To brag, Instagram or feel good about yourself? Hardly (and if it is, please reconsider). There’s a million ways to live a life and even though we’ll never get to try half of them, we can always experience a few. Traveling done right is an amazing way to re-energize, educate yourself and prioritize what’s important to you. Yup, this is why I travel. What about you?

PARK(ING) Day 2012: This Friday!

If there’s one event I’ve grown to love over the past few years it’s PARK(ING) Day. If you aren’t already saying “Hell yeah!”, it’s an annual worldwide event started by Rebar where city dwellers demonstrate the need for more public green space by creating mini-parks in metered parking spots.

People get really creative with it. Some spots feature free bicycle tune-ups, live music or a spot to get your hair did. Others use the opportunity to create a more traditional park. Holiday Matinee has participated in PARK(ING) Day for a few years and it’s always been an amazing day filled with hi-fives, making strangers smile and minor controversy with people that hate fun. I still laugh at the time my buddy Zack and I got called lazy hippies for organizing a little fun with our friends.

There won’t be an official Holiday Matinee spot this year with the team spread out in NY, SF, SD and London but I do know our pals at Sezio will be doing PARK(ING) Day 2012 proud in San Diego and I’ll be cruising round San Francisco to visit as many of the spaces I can that day. Yes, we all have work on Friday, but take the time to visit the mini-park(s) in your city (peep the map here) and keep an eye on the #parkingday Instagram tag to follow the action. It’s totally worth it and will get your weekend started right.

Parking Day 2012 poster

Holiday Matinee’s September Mixtape!

Holy crap, we’re already halfway through September! Which means everyone has about two months left to live – OR NOT. Regardless, enjoy this month’s mix with tracks from Oddisee, Divine Fits, Matthew Dear and more! Oh and if anyone has any recs for the best way to host mobile playlists, let us know. Making it an option only for Spotify or Rdio premium users seems kinda silly.

The Polaroid Printer, coming to a store near you.

Free your mobile photos from their electronic prison with this Polaroid printer. The Impossible Project’s “Instant Lab” is a printer that turns your mobile photos into Polaroids. All the love and feel of lo-fi photography, without the burden of having to carry that extra camera. As FastCo noted, this is one of those projects that looks so ridiculous you’d think it’s an April Fool’s joke – but luckily the project already has raised $415,000+ on Kickstarter and is looking to ship come February. The app will be able to override user’s brightness settings, ensuring that perfect Polaroid exposure. And you thought Instagram was cool.

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