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Anthony Burrill says so much with so little

Anthony Burrill is well-known for his Work Hard & Be Nice To People print, but he also does a Message of the Week series that I really enjoy. Each message has the potential to mean different things to different people, which makes it so awesome. What does the message below mean to you?

Anthony Burrill Message of the Week

Live an interesting life.

My god. This is all sorts of awesome. I just read on the news that some Pixar fan decided to take his house into the sky – just like the character Carl Frederickson in the film Up. Jonathan Trappe, a cluster-balloonist, became the first person to fly a house in the air after he tied hundreds of balloons to a cartoon home. His next attempt will be to fly across the Atlantic, a flight five others have died attempting. You can check out his attempt via his indiegogo page.

In his own words, he says that flying is “about living an interesting life – for me as the pilot and those watching.” I love his his dedication to taking the road not taken. Or should I say the sky not taken?

What will you do to live an interesting life?

I like your kitchen glove.

The nerd in me couldn’t resist. What do you think, Like or No Like? Available here.

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