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San Francisco Topography Love

This print of San Francisco topography is a thing of beauty. With precise embossing and of every little hill, crest, peak and valley in my 7 x 7 mile city, it reminds me of what’s possible when people work really hard at making something beautiful. You can pick this limited-edition print up from Mission Bicycle, which also happens to be one of my favorite local businesses here in SF. They are all really rad folks and I couldn’t be happier with my bike from them.

San Francisco Topography print

San Francisco Topography print

Boxes are all the rage

We’ve mentioned our friends at Turntable Kitchen that make awesome monthly subscription boxes full of music, recipes and dry ingredients, but the idea has really caught on. Local SF magazine The Bold Italic is now offering Dinner-Party-In-A-Box. I was a subscriber to Bold Italic’s now discontinued print issues and as a consolation for the two months I’m owed they decided to send me a box. Let me just say they aren’t messing around.

This month’s box comes stocked with recipe cards, a wooden bottle opener, chocolates, fortune cookies, foodie bingo, a coffee towel and probably most entertainingly, An Emergency Hook-Up Preparedness Kit. What’s in that you ask? Besides a condom, breath mint and “call me” card, there’s a pack of fresh wipes “for the muff on the move.” Pretty hilarious.

Bold Italic Dinner-In-A-Box

Bold Italic Dinner-In-A-Box

Weave your own art with Silk.

Just ran across an interactive art generator named Silk that empowers you to weave graphical interfaces by simply clicking and dragging. At your fingertips lays an entire world of color and flowing shapes. You choose from a number of outputs and colors that then allow you to generate different types of art. So many different things you can make. Just sit back, relax, and draw to the never-ending soundscape. You can check out a few examples below, then head over to the site to give it a whirl. Imagination’s the limit.

Silk was created by Yuri Vishnevsky as an experiment in generative art. You can purchase the app for iPad or download wallpapers designed by the Anand Sharma.

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