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God damn I love Ian Stevenson. Looking back at 2012, I thought it was a good time to share some of my favorite works. Be sure to pick up a few prints in his shop. And remember, most people are idiots so “care less and do more.”

Holiday Matinee’s December Mixtape!

In case you didn’t hear it from us already, we hope your holidays are the shit. To send you off, we made you a mixtape filled with jams we dig and a Christmas classic (sorry The XX, we can’t place the new cover over the original). Here’s to a new Mayan long count calendar!

I love everything On Space Time Foam chooses to be

On Space Time Foam by Tomás Saraceno is a really neat installation in Argentina that allows visits to frolic on three layers of transparent material (suspended about eighty two feet above the ground). In an interview with Domus, Saraceno says this about the installation:

“Let us invent an instrument that all the humans in the planet can play at the same time, so that when you play one string it reverberates in all the other strings. That will tune us all.”

On Space Time Foam

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