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The cinematic photography of Rodney Smith

Photographer Rodney Smith creates beautiful images with very subtle elements of fantasy and play without any special effects. Just look at them!

Rodney Smith

Rodney Smith

Rodney Smith

DIY Print Shop makes me wanna start a band or secret society

There’s something deeply satisfying about screen printing a shirt or poster yourself. Even when I haven’t done it personally there’s something I treasure about the shirts from friends that were not made in a giant factory. That’s why I find these t-shirt and gig poster screen printing kits from DIY Print Shop (fromĀ Ryonet and Print Liberation) to be a pretty sweet idea. They include everything you need to get rolling (press, wooden frame, lights, squeegee, ink, etc.) and everything is environmentally friendly so you don’t have to feel like an ass for polluting the planet. Seems to me that this kit would be totally worth it if you’re ready to get creative.

DIY Print Shop

Holiday Matinee’s February Mixtape!

Don’t think we just forgot after 3+ years of monthly mixes! Here’s a mixtape just in time for the last couple days of February. This edition has lots of new tunes from Tegan and Sara, San Cisco, Matt Pond, Yo La Tengo and more. Tell us what your favorite jam is in the comments below.

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