Manage Your Day-To-Day [review]

With each passing day I’m more convinced that the new genius has little to do with ideas. Fine, ideas have their place, but what’s really become rarified air is the focus needed to bring these ideas to fruition.

I’m someone who once considered focus to be one of my best strengths. In recent years though, I’ve been very prone to distractions, maybe not any more than most people, but enough for me to realize I knew better. I’m constantly seeking out advice on the subject and have made some improvements. But what I find is that I need constant reminders of just how important focus is to keep my game sharp.

That’s why I was I was pumped to hear 99U was set to release a new title called Manage Your Day-To-Day and just had to pester their publishers about an advance copy. Let’s just say if I was hiring new employees right now, I’d make it recommended reading.

Manage Your Day-To-Day

If you’ve read Making Ideas Happen, a lot of the material will seem familiar to you. But think of MYDTD a concise, more beautifully designed version of that title. It’s broken down into four main sections: Building A Rock-Solid Routine, Finding Focus In A Distracted World, Taming Your Tools, and Sharpening Your Creative Mind. Each section contains five essays from some of the most reputable creative minds, including two of my go-to guys, Seth Godin and Leo Babauta. Erin Doland of Unclutterer even uses novelist Haruki Murakami (a Holiday Matinee favorite) as an example in her story! Each section is then summarized with a page of key takeaways you can revisit again and again.

I’ll be honest in saying I felt like I was getting completely schooled while reading this. Some of the essays made me feel like crap because I still haven’t completely addressed habits like checking email before getting busy on truly important work. But it also gave me hope because there are still so many things I have room for improvement on. It got me to make more conscious decisions on what I spend time on and proved that almost everything truly game-changing in this world took a tremendous amount of time, energy and focus. Why we don’t remember that more often is a shame. I was also really into hearing about recent research that’s been done on what our bodies actually need (to do better than just getting by).

This book is only $8 ($4 as an eBook)! That’s a steal when you consider how beneficial some of the tips could be to your career or a sidegig you’re passionate about. It’s even more of a steal when you think about how many times you may have bought an extra drink you really didn’t need at the bar or taken a cab because you’re lazy. Trust me when I say this is a better investment.

Manage Your Day-To-Day is out today and available exclusively on Amazon.