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Holiday Matinee’s August Mixtape!

We can’t believe it’s August already! Summer marches on for another couple months (if you’re lucky), but this playlist doesn’t really have anything to do with that in particular – it’s just jams we’ve been digging. This month’s mix has tracks from Bugseed, Carousel, Night Terrors of 1927, Ryan Hemsworth, HAIM and more. After all, we just want to party, just want to rock all night. Don’t want to hurt nobody, no need to be uptight.

p.s. Not seeing the tape below? You’re probably on a phone or tablet, but we gotcha covered.

The Pigeon Post Kit ups the ante on mail

You know how when something takes forever people joke about it being delivered by carrier pigeon? I’ve always wanted to actually try using a carrier pigeon (and you can – kind of), but the best next thing is this Pigeon Post Kit by 16 Sparrows. It’s a plastic pigeon that you can mail with a paper message by tossing it in your nearest USPS mailbox. I feel like if you have one of these mailed to you, there’s no other choice but to tell that wonderful person that they win at life.



16 Sparrows also happens to carry a bunch of great stuff like telegram and private eye stationery. I had one of their journals for years and finally checked out the site as listed on a business card inside, leading to this pigeon discovery.

Award certificates for the people that matter

How cool would it be to receive one of these award certificates? Better yet, you know someone besides yourself that could use the recognition. I guess what I’m saying is this is way better than all the perfect attendance certificates I racked up in elementary school and I’d probably be more of a gentleman if I knew there was a chance I’d get one. You find these and other general radness at Izola.




These are the words we live by

We’re stoked to bring back one of our favorite t-shirt designs thanks to our pals at Cotton Bureau. If you haven’t heard of it, CB is a curated, crowd-funded t-shirt community that does the selling, printing, shipping, and customer service so designers don’t have to. There’s a ton of great designs on there, but we hope you’ll consider picking up ours. It’s available in men’s and women’s sizes, but the catch is we have to sell 25 in the next 11 days for it to go to print. Love your work. Work your love. These are the words we live by and something we really believe more people need to start doing for the world to become a better place.



The Reframe raises cards to a form of art

What our buddies at Holstee have been up to deserves way more than a golf clap. Their latest creation, The Reframe, makes it easy to display art or photos of the 5×7 variety. Before you say so what , just check out this video. The really unique part of this project is that each frame is made using materials from deconstructed homes in Detroit and the intentionally easy slide in and out design encourages owners to trade, swap and pass on their favorite prints.

It’s still in Kickstarter stage as I post this, but backing it can score you a frame plus a monthly subscription to some awesome 5×7 card art. Because you’ll get a new card every month, it’s encouraged that you gift your old card to someone else. Besides being a beautiful and mindful addition to your home, I just love that it encourages gift culture and connecting offline in our busy digital world.



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